Welcome to The Budget League

The Budget League 2017/2018

For the 3rd season running, The Budget League will return for the 2017/2018 English Premier League Season.

The Idea of The Budget League was conceived upon noticing how Managers were resorting to cheaper, higher performing players to beat the odds from competitors whom commonly consisted of Template Players. Template Players refers to those players whom a majority of managers own, e.g. Sanchez, Hazard, Costa. Hence if you are looking for some juicy excuse to join this league, there is just one that I can think of – It’s a great way to keep an eye out on those #differentials.

Since fantasy.premierleague.com do not have an option for Managers to create custom leagues, The Budget League will require Managers to be honest and respectful to the concept of the concept by sticking to a 75M team. Regardless, each team will be monitored closely by the Administrators.

Further, we are aware of the potential of FPL Team value rises and falls. In spite of this, the fact of the matter remains that at all times you will have to maintain a value of not less than 25M in the bank.

@degob_ and I (@FPL_JUNKIE) would like to thank you for taking the extra effort in managing a new team for The Budget League. We are also open to suggestions and participation in any aspect of the game.


6 thoughts on “Welcome to The Budget League

    1. Hey Andy, still waiting for a response from you – we have a spot reserved for you. Let me know if youre still in. Try and follow and contact me on twitter @fpl_tbl if possible Cheers Let me know ASAP


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